Thursday, September 2, 2010

national Day

Time : 0130
Day : Friday / September,2nd

Ya. I like to talking about this issue. No answer. We have a million of answer. Why? Cause, we have a million of people here. Everyone have their own opinion - in different style.

Drinking beer? Club? Drunk? Drug? Set-up a one night stand at starlight hotel? or also berlumba motorsikal di jalanan? Is there independance? Is there patriotisme? or is there free from colonial? Hahaha. Bullshit! Yes,Bullshit!!

Owh! I also like to mention this one thing, kehulu-kehilir membawa JALUR GEMILANG - for me - is not the way you treat this value of national day. Hahaha. WHY? I am The Bullshit also? Yes, if you're thinking like that.

No. I am not a supporter of Barisan Nasional. Far away the Pakatan Rakyat supporter. Far far away the Parti Islam Semalaysia supporter.


national Day..