Monday, April 22, 2013

kemana selepas may of 5th?

Time : 2330
Day  : Monday / April,22nd


Still standing or will be collapse after May,5th? Yes. This is great to see either the very popular Pakatan will condemn Barisan in making a way to Putrajaya or not. Heheh. 

So, where are you my fellow after that? Still in-front of your keyboard keep updating your facebook status or find another solution to celebrate your winning-candidate's at your Dewan Undangan Negeri area or your Parlimen area? heheh.

Dont worry my fellow, we surely keep the same. No need to worry either PTPTN will be abolish under Pakatan, or Pakatan will be abort our Toll-Concessions and we can go anywhere without pay this toll concessions. Or no need to worry negara akan bankrup if everything will be on free-method. Heheh.

Everything was calculated properly. How much they want, how much they don't want, everything was calculated. Ready. No need to worry. Even me, still worried why i still don't want to continue part 2 of my journey and choose this political issue in-front of En.Ewan request to continue for part 2 writing! Haha.

I like to write this topic because i'm very interested when one of my good 'senior friends' from a very big multi-national company talk to me a few night ago. This word give me a few of question on my head. No need to highlight what the company name. It sound's like this :

A message from CEO : To keep our good reputation in industry, we need to support government because our project totally become from government. We need to start our mega project as soon as possible. First, we need to remove anti-government sentiment in selangor to ensure our company reputation.

Heheh. Mana-mana pun boleh lah. Malaysia boleh lah!

Multi-billion for MRT, multi-billion for WCE(West Coast Expressway), multi-billion for PNB menara warisan. Banyak-banyak kan la membaca rakyat melayu semua oi. Jangan taksub sangat dengan ketuanan melayu dan negara islam kita ni. Takde apa dah nak tinggal kt anak cucu nanti-kata menteri-menteri.

As long as im still working in this corrupt industry, i like - i love to share what i get from this 'professional industry'. Im still believe i can standing without this corrupt people, but sometime i need to fuck-up this corrupt people because this is what we called menjual maruah bangsa dengan duit..bullshit!

Stand with your own attitude. Stand with your great talent. Your value will be shining at last.

Selamat mengundi malaysia boleh!