Wednesday, August 25, 2010

a Time

Time : 2250
Day : Wednesday night

I was eight or nine years old when i first introduced by construction work. Either this is coincidence or not - i dun really understand it.

Sometimes, i think - It should be fun when i move back to remember all the thing that give me 'a Time'. Let me take this point as an example :

Go back to 16 years ago :

Every day, after balik sekolah agama (it's usually around 6 o'clock) - i become an excited mood cause i have to follow my friend to the heaven. Heaven here means, a place that give me and also my friend a lot of fun. In general, this is place that have everything to be played. We have a block of concrete, machineries, small wood house and also Mat-Mat indon. In specific, this place is construction area which is the construction for a new sekolah agama rakyat!

What i am thinking at that time is, how that Mat-Mat indon was so skilled to construct a very difficult building in-front of me! And also, how they was learn to driving very big machines in-front of me! Owh..That give me a very impressed feeling that i can remember until a few years ago.

Not even that, usually before i left that heaven, they also give me a keropok or nasi goreng - and i will share with my friend - while chatting with them. owh god! It's such a feeling that you can't imagine what is that according to your age at that time!

And now, i was understand what is that.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Learning Process

Time : 2340
Day : Tuesday night

Light rain was still pouring out there. Kuala Lumpur hit by the rainy season in the evening and late evening almost every day.

Me? Yes! Still sitting in front of the keyboard - doing writing and updating my blog.hahaha..

Writing and reading is always give me a spirit. This two thing is not absolutely my hobby, but i Like to doing this two thing. I dun know why, but the answer is : i get the satisfaction after finish the writing or also when i'm finish reading anything that i like to read. This is truth!

Back to the topic. Learning process is how the time can give you an experience, for me - this is what i want to said. Yes, we must go through all this to move forward. Don't give it difficult, just follow the flow of the Life - then you will find - it was funs - it was a Life!

Sometimes i think that : what is this man? bullshit! But in a different side, i have to re-think again what is this and what is that. If i even have a million dollar of money now, then i dun know how to use it - it's still a rubbish problem. Then, what i should do know is : just follow the flow of the Life. Everything is ok, everything is orait, everything is fine - for now.

This writing will stop up-here tonight.

jumpa Lagi!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Mr Rules

Every time you turn around
You point your fingers to the fore
When you die alone
Nobody wants to kill you anymore

And there is nothing you can do
Like saving lives from bullet guns
Self-confused reduced
Their power seduce your sympathy

You fight yourself of nothing else
Reprieved yourself to make believe
Please don't believe the truth
It's only can be bargained anytime

They built you apathetic dreams
Sentenced your life until the end
For sure you can't escape
Now you don't realize anything else

I found it hard to believe you for what is true!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Sitting with newspaper on hand - Buletin Utama on tv3, give me awareness on this issue. I dun really know, what is mean helping Gaza by muslim. Yes, we did some of action on this issue, but why 1Malaysia - inspiration by prime minister didn't give the soul of 1Malaysia to descending this issue? This is not a religion issue, this is violations of human right issue! Everyone should be blame the Jewish side! Yes, we should stop the Jewish!

Not even wearing shirt shown with : Boycott Israel! Boycott Israel product! - But in the same time give $10 dollar to transfer with the burger in Big Yellow Company outside there. This is nothing!

Sometime, i think this is the right time to express our attitude to hate Jewish. I wonder, when we are happy with expensive mobile phone - with internet at every place - but the kid's in Gaza was died by AK47 - Jewish Dead Bullet's. Not for Gaza only, we also have a kid's at Afghanistan, Karachi, Sudan, Bosnia, Lebanon and all countries that was brewing for a very - long time - To be SAVED.

We have to change this phrase : JEWISH hate MUSLIM

Selamat malam..

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Time : 0330
Day : Wednesday - early morning

Complete two nights i sleep late. I have to go out on 7am this morning - only 3 and half hour from now. What a bad night here?Arhh..

Let we start :

I dun know either this is i am or this is not i am. 'berLagak' is a two different thing - for me lah! When you like this one and the other also like that one - it's mean - ok lah untuk korang berdua. It's also mean, everything you do, everything you said, everything you want, everything for everything sekali pun - you still glad with the other.

But in an opponent action is, you like this one and the other said : no! you are wrong! you are not good! you are crazy! you are! you are! everything you are lah senang cakap kn?

Then, what you are waiting for? You are waiting for the first scene or the second one? Ask your self, restart your self properly, don't even talking without the fact. I have and should to said, berlagak is not for me. Like this phrase mean lah : Tak kenal - maka tak cinta kan?

This night, i have to give a credit for my good friend :

" Selamat hari Lahir - Pijoe - May God bless him "

Selamat pagi juga untuk kamu semua..

Berhenti disini..


Monday, August 2, 2010

charger Problem

Time : 0130
Day : Also Tuesday


Finally..I got the answer!

Phone was generated again. No! It's not same with an hour before! It's totally different! It's generated with the full volume of battery!!

How it become? Yes, not for everything but in sudden death time - We have to use some of brain potential to solve the problem!

Success on this night - morning are suitable :

Phone from zero battery become phone with full battery without using charger.

Charger - was rubbish - a little brain work - overcome charger Problem!

free Fall

Time : 0034
Day : Tuesday - early morning

I'm writing back. There have a lot of story to writing back. What mean's here?
Arhhhhh!!!I dun know either this is good or bad, but the truth is - I have to start again!

Yes..I'll start :

Sitting here with all the song from weakerthans, bad religion also - ahh..Canadians Rock is always awesome! With a long way - the truth is : I have a few months of not seeing Rock show concert give me a feeling like 'free Fall'. Haa,there is! Finally i said that what is the title mean's!!hahaha.

The important thing here is, i didn't have a good ability to provide or something like managing the good phrase to built a good title. From there, i'm always using the same thing - repeat - and repeat again the same thing! And, it was usually give a very worse title for me. Yes, i'm do it again! See?Then? What a Loser guys are you??hahaha.

No wonder cause, I am familiar with that title! Fall again..huh!