Friday, March 8, 2013

a journey to saudi arabia - Part 1

Time : 2230
Day  : Friday / March,8th


Hi and hello to my fellow again! What a great February for me! And again, im coming to give you a few of experienced that i collect from saudi arabia!

Maybe this is a small and ordinary for some of you outside there. But, for me, this is a big journey! Yeah,i am an ordinary person with a big idea on my head! And, i will share with you what i get from there.

Its about 7pm(Malaysia time) when i first introduce by flight attendance to tight-up my belt, and get ready for the departure time. I just follow the instruction, sit quietly, and alhamdulillah, everything was ok. Because i flight from johor bahru, it will take 8hours and 30minute to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Jeddah was an international airport for saudi arabia. Actually, it will good to say a main-international airport. Jeddah same with KLIA? no! You are kidding me if you said like that! In term of size, there is about a thousand time bigger than KLIA. And i believe, how busy this airport when season of haji. But, unfortunately,  in term of management system, its very sad to say Jeddah airport is totally out of control. So, at the end, Malaysia is better than them!

I arrive at Jeddah airport around 0430am (malaysia time). Its around 2330pm for local time. Very simple to calculate, they are behind us 5hours in time. Its mean, if they want to watching champions league live on astro, not necessaries to them to stay up late at night because their local time only show it around 2100-2200pm! How luck was them! Haha.

After checking all the luggage and pasport (there is around 2 to 3 hours to settle all of this!), our group take the chance to perform solat(Isyak Time) at waiting area. Owh ya, at there (i mean saudi arabia), very easy to  look for a place to perform solat. Very easy. Everywhere. 

And after complete that matter, i start to move on into the next journey using bus. We are heading to Madinah. There is about 400km from Jeddah airport. Or i can say about 7 to 8 hours in time. Along the way, i take a chance to read a few of history about madinah. And the most important thing is to pray and convey my greeting to our prophet, Nabi junjungan Muhammad S.A.W. Madinah is always give me a good memories maybe untill i died one day. I start to feel choked, sad and shed tears when im getting closer to madinah. I don't know why, maybe because im still believe tiada Tuhan yg disembah melainkan Allah, dan Nabi Muhammad S.A.W itu pesuruh allah. And now im getting closer to his village. To his mosque - masjid nabawi. And to his remains - makam Nabi junjungan kita - inside his masjid nabawi.

Finally, i arrive at madinah around 0900am(local time). After check in into my room, i take a breakfast. And i go to masjid nabawi. Its only around 200m from my hotel. Very cold there, around 14degree celcious. Or to be clear, it like we open the aircond button on early in the morning! 

I take the chance to perform a few of sembahyang sunat inside this number two holy mosque for us. I feel very comfortable there. Inside this mosque. The design, the environment, the history, totally give me speechless to talk. I feel something like proud to be muslim. Thanks to my parents to give me this chance to be a lucky person who was arrive and set my foot to this mosque. 

After that, im going to start exploring this mosque. For my lovely fellow, inside this masjid nabawi mosque, lies the garden of paradise which called RAUDAH. RAUDAH is a bounty of our God to Junjungan kita Nabi Muhammad S.A.W. It was placed between Mimbar Nabi Muhammad S.A.W and the door of Siti Aishah house. You can enter this place using a very popular door which is called Babus-Salam. From that door, just walking inside, and you can see the RAUDAH on your left side. Too crowded here. Owh ya, in masjid nabawi, especially on Babus-Salam door, you cannot enter together between male and female. There is special time for female to enter here, if im not forgot around 2100pm to the morning, which is mean after Isyak time.

In-front of RAUDAH, you can stop to convey your greeting to Junjungan kita Nabi Muhammad S.A.W because makam Nabi Muhammad S.A.W is about a few step from RAUDAH, placed on your left side. From outside view of masjid nabawi, you can see the green dome, and Makam Nabi is properly located below this green dome. Just beside Makam Nabi, placed a very good sahabat Nabi, Saidina Umar R.A. And here, when i stop to convey my greeting, i feel so sad, i want to crying, this is we called Nur(cahaya), i believe our prophet never leave us. I can feel. I can touch this feeling of Nur(cahaya) untill today still bloom in the hearts all of us. Alhamdullilah. Thanks Allah. 

This is really touch my heart.

I think this is too long for the part 1 of my journey. Im very sure, you was guarantee boring with this writing. haha.  

I will continue this part 2 of my journey on the next time.

Terima Kasih.

Do whatever you like to do. Do not do like what your friends like to do.