Tuesday, February 5, 2013

berfikir..dan kenapa?

Time : 2330 Day : Tuesday / February,5th

So long time, almost a years ago i didn't update and writing on this blog. Not because of this shit working hours, but to be fair its about don't know what to share with you. Everything was repeat and repeat, a day by a month - for a years and maybe for-ever. We are still doing the same thing, every day want to be a facebook fans, keep updating our status, even what to eat today still need a comment from our followers. No need to said all of them, even me still sign in on facebook almost every night. For what? That the answer! Don't know what to do! Ceh!

But, far from this, i really like to share what i called a very interesting topic for me. Yes, i like to read anything that give an idea to me. But, when my lovely gf ask me what this few people doing. This few people here means all the d.i.y people. Don't know why, but i like this topic because i want this outsider know what is mean d.i.y, what is mean independent, what is mean an open idea, what is mean punk rockers! Because for me there is totally wrong when you are thinking rock music is always be a wrong path on your life. There is no reason to thinking like that. For me, you have to differentiate this with your culture, with your religion. If you cannot, then believe me, you will never get the answer. At the end, you will choose what you want to be. There is very clear. When i go back to 5 to 10years ago, I'm still thinking the same think. Why i do a charity work, or i do a donation event/workshop, or why i choose to buy a hand-made shirt from this scene, or why i do and publish zine without profit, and maybe why i choose to go for punk rock gig than i go to big concert? Yes. because i want this d.i.y scene become a big culture and show this outsider what we can do without any profit or corruption from any part of our environment. I choose to spent my ten ringgit money to this d.i.y scene, rather than i buying a ten ringgit burger at mc.donald. No, not because I'm stupid. But it's totally show what i do not like using my small part. That is the attitude that i want to smile's now, when i see everyone start to boycott Jewish product when they aware Israel was condemn our palestin country..even this cruelty was occurred a long time ago! At least they know.

Not at all the time, sometime I'm very regret when a few of them still thinking there have no problem when they are support that opponent politician party because of they want to show a few of protest. That is not true my friends!

There is no different between Parti Keadilan Rakyat or Barisan Nasional. Both same. When you bring this issue, you will confuse at the end of your decision. To make it clear, stop it lah! I don't care who you are choose on the next PRU 13, but i care about our relation between us. Without this bullshit politic idea, we will make it as before. A very happening d.i.y culture. Everything inside there!