Wednesday, January 11, 2012

d i y punk on dilemma? #short review no.1

Time : 2200
Day : Wednesday / January,11th

2012? Yes. Happy new year for all of you outside there. With the new legal law to wearing sit-belt at the back, the very useless issue for ANWAR BANGANG last few days, Plus a very strict condition before make a loan from the bank, included the new UP-PRICE for every single things outside there with only 6-7% inflations (according to our barisan nasional committee) - yes. You have to celebrate all those thing before you go for the new 2012.

Not fair to list all those bad things for the new 2012, we also receive a lot of benefit for the new 2012. What? Want me to list down all the benefit? I refuse. I just like to 'touch' a few benefit that really give me a question mark. As an example : more units of 'my first home' will be built on 2012 for those with wages below Rm3000. With the new scheme you can buy the new 'my first home'. The things here is,how to pay the new Rm250000-300000 house based on Rm3000 salary when you live in kL/Selangor area? hahaha. come on. make it clear before you list it as a benefit.

ISA/AUKU? No more AUKU on 2012? Then why you bring this stupid UPSI student issue on cabinet? make it clear friends. You have the power. Use it. This is political issue. Not our people issue.

So, What we get from the new 2012? As usual, repeat and repeat again. D I Y punk still the same - on dilemma - year by years. Why? cause we was so stupid. When we are thinking to keep independent - and globalisation give us the very bad life - and we still keep the stupid independent phrase in our life. As a result, we still at the back - at the bottom part of the hierarchy.

Yes, D I y punk is all about how to survive using our independent effort. But, when im thinking back, why a few of us like to mention PKR on their issue. What is this man? If you are thinking government is the bullshit people, so how about 'Parti Haluan Kiri' like PKR and others? Are you thinking they are always right? To be a rational, open your eyes - and open your heart, please be a smart - and not a stupid D I Y punk.

Why we are all very shy when talking about the economy? the globalisation? the politicians issue? the academic issue? the financial issue? Is there because of we will loose all of our independent/D I Y punk attitude? come on. We have to change this stupid attitude. Knowledge is everywhere. Read it - share it - then it will make us more valuable than others.

Yes, we enjoy the music, we enjoy the magazine - and make it enjoy with the new one - knowledge! There's no more the old D I Y punk, we have to think our future, our competitor, then i believe it will give us more than valuable from before.

Keep it Rock my friends!!