Tuesday, July 19, 2011

moving - straight Line

Time : 0010
Day : Wednesday / July,20th

I like this topic. But dun noe how to start it properly. Hahaha.

Make it simple. What is moving? and also straight Line? Moving means you are move, absolutely
not static there. Very simple. If today you was 25, so tomorrow you are 25 and 1 days older than yesterday. It was moving. What happen with straight line? also simple examples, if you go straight you are moving on good position. Then when you turn either right or left, or make it difficult with very rough Line like take a corner or slope - then you make your moving difficult.

Ok. Stop it. I want to describe what i was means here to share with all of you outside there.

Friends. Yes, i respect all of my friends. But like this phrase means, different person - make
a different ideas. So, in every single seconds of my life, sometimes i didn't agree with a few person. Let use this situation as an examples : when you fuck this current politicians issue,
so why you take care of your self to take an action for this politicians issue? cause you want to show you was genuine Malay? so you only respect your Malay friends? This is useless man. You are racist. So, please dun said you are the man against racist people. Yes, i know we have a bunch of Chinese that show a very bullshit racist against Malay, Indian's also. But you have to think we as a Malay also have a bullshit person, a corrupt person and everything. So, we have
to stand against this bullshit people, and absolutely not against race man!

Independent. Yes, all of us was independent. If you are not, you can't survive here. Either to be a good students, or to be a good workers, or either to breathe in this world, you have to
use your own independent efforts to do all this thing. But, all of this have a different level. Actually, not a level, but a different meaning. You can't said you was an independent people after you was follow a HUJAN band or a BUNKFACE band.hahaha.This is not independent man! Yes, that was an independent band (personally i dun know on what aspect this band was independent), but you are not my friends. So, make it clearly, dun have to follow all this stupid music fashion to be an independent people. Just follow your heart, it was give you an independent feeling.

To make a simple conclusion - maybe, Please stop it. PERHIMPUNAN HALAL-HARAM ke, BERADU-DOMBA dalam facebook ke, Please. Stop it. No need to tulis Aku anak melayu ke, Aku anak cina ke, Aku tiga-line kuala pilah ke, Aku ah Long kampung pandan ke dalam facebook, No need. I know you are not to stupid only to differentiate either you are malay or chinese or indian's. So,please stop it man.

If you are not believing that neil amstrong was a first-ever human that arrive at moon,then stand with your opinion. We can't change the fact, but we have a right to throw this rubbish fact into the dustbin.

Keep moving - use straight line.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

w o r k i n g s m a r t

Time : 2045
Day : Saturday / May,14th

How to be like there? It was absolutely nice when you know how to differentiate between
experience and your knowledge. No - and No. You cannot said you know everything in this
world. People ( as a subject in this issue ), always want everything - perfect from you. As a good worker's - with a good reason - you have to come out with your own character. But, how to make it smart?

Ok. Let me start with the first step. Don't be like your opponent character. Listen to your opponent, let his/him finish their word. yes..only that!

The next step is, Do whatever he ask you to do. No, it's not stupid. Be calm. Keep your excited mood, or your excellent word until you find the weakness of him.

When his/him do the mistake, finish him with your brilliant word. Show his/him who are you actually. Then, make yourself proud with your smart decision.

What? what happen if your opponent didn't have a weakness? Don't worry, it was impossible. We was born as a human, we always doing the mistake. Believe me.

Looking forward. No matter who are you, how big your position, how much your salary was, it was always same. human always be a human. We have to respect each other. Doctor? Lawyer? Engineer? Pegawai Agama? Polis ? Rela? It was a rubbish! It was only a title to be state into your facebook account to make it interesting for the new BURUNG-BURUNG diluar sana untuk di ejas.

At last, you will be there - to the top of the hierarchy - maybe. So,how your produce your smart working to lead your teenage either they follow your stupid character to bring this country move forward or still keep doing the same - and the same until a thousand year's in front of us.

make it different kawan!!