Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Teachers and Teaching

Time : 2330
Day : Wednesday / November,3rd

Teachers are educators. Yes,that is truth. No question about that. But, far from my heart - my feeling, it was based on true story.

Back to 7 or 8 years ago,they called me tiada masa depan punya orang. Who are you to judge the other people like that bos?are you God??

Not even that,you judge me as sudah sesat punya budak.How do you know the different between sudah sesat punya orang and belum sesat punya orang?i dun really know if your education book or your philosophy book was specifies all this thing into your account.

Come on.Dun even you read the BERITA HARIAN, or the other one that read METRO - you said yo know everything. You brought all this stories around the school. And then, your friends can said : owh, you was save your student from that black issue!

Please,open your mind - open your eyes - Look around you - you are the teachers bos!

Hey,i want you to know this one thing : everyone in this world have their own hobbies man. And if you want to know, i like music very much. Then,i collect all the music that i like,make it proper in my collection. Dun judge me if you dun know me.please.

I dun care if you dun like me, i dun care if u dun want me to be your good student - but please respect the other people. It's the natural, if you respect your friends, then your friends can give you more than that.right?

Sometime, it was funny when i memories all that think. With 2 to 3 teachers beside me said : siapa kawan-kawan u lagi?apa yang kamu buat?kamu sembahyang tak?
Owhhhhhh.i dun know how to describe it in very detailed story cause i dun know what was happen actually. A Litlle bid of stupid humor.

Thanks to your lesson that i have learned over there, but no thanks to your advice bos!

Please be teachers. Your teaching was in your heart.

selamat malam!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

national Day

Time : 0130
Day : Friday / September,2nd

Ya. I like to talking about this issue. No answer. We have a million of answer. Why? Cause, we have a million of people here. Everyone have their own opinion - in different style.

Drinking beer? Club? Drunk? Drug? Set-up a one night stand at starlight hotel? or also berlumba motorsikal di jalanan? Is there independance? Is there patriotisme? or is there free from colonial? Hahaha. Bullshit! Yes,Bullshit!!

Owh! I also like to mention this one thing, kehulu-kehilir membawa JALUR GEMILANG - for me - is not the way you treat this value of national day. Hahaha. WHY? I am The Bullshit also? Yes, if you're thinking like that.

No. I am not a supporter of Barisan Nasional. Far away the Pakatan Rakyat supporter. Far far away the Parti Islam Semalaysia supporter.


national Day..

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

a Time

Time : 2250
Day : Wednesday night

I was eight or nine years old when i first introduced by construction work. Either this is coincidence or not - i dun really understand it.

Sometimes, i think - It should be fun when i move back to remember all the thing that give me 'a Time'. Let me take this point as an example :

Go back to 16 years ago :

Every day, after balik sekolah agama (it's usually around 6 o'clock) - i become an excited mood cause i have to follow my friend to the heaven. Heaven here means, a place that give me and also my friend a lot of fun. In general, this is place that have everything to be played. We have a block of concrete, machineries, small wood house and also Mat-Mat indon. In specific, this place is construction area which is the construction for a new sekolah agama rakyat!

What i am thinking at that time is, how that Mat-Mat indon was so skilled to construct a very difficult building in-front of me! And also, how they was learn to driving very big machines in-front of me! Owh..That give me a very impressed feeling that i can remember until a few years ago.

Not even that, usually before i left that heaven, they also give me a keropok or nasi goreng - and i will share with my friend - while chatting with them. owh god! It's such a feeling that you can't imagine what is that according to your age at that time!

And now, i was understand what is that.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Learning Process

Time : 2340
Day : Tuesday night

Light rain was still pouring out there. Kuala Lumpur hit by the rainy season in the evening and late evening almost every day.

Me? Yes! Still sitting in front of the keyboard - doing writing and updating my blog.hahaha..

Writing and reading is always give me a spirit. This two thing is not absolutely my hobby, but i Like to doing this two thing. I dun know why, but the answer is : i get the satisfaction after finish the writing or also when i'm finish reading anything that i like to read. This is truth!

Back to the topic. Learning process is how the time can give you an experience, for me - this is what i want to said. Yes, we must go through all this to move forward. Don't give it difficult, just follow the flow of the Life - then you will find - it was funs - it was a Life!

Sometimes i think that : what is this man? bullshit! But in a different side, i have to re-think again what is this and what is that. If i even have a million dollar of money now, then i dun know how to use it - it's still a rubbish problem. Then, what i should do know is : just follow the flow of the Life. Everything is ok, everything is orait, everything is fine - for now.

This writing will stop up-here tonight.

jumpa Lagi!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Mr Rules

Every time you turn around
You point your fingers to the fore
When you die alone
Nobody wants to kill you anymore

And there is nothing you can do
Like saving lives from bullet guns
Self-confused reduced
Their power seduce your sympathy

You fight yourself of nothing else
Reprieved yourself to make believe
Please don't believe the truth
It's only can be bargained anytime

They built you apathetic dreams
Sentenced your life until the end
For sure you can't escape
Now you don't realize anything else

I found it hard to believe you for what is true!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Sitting with newspaper on hand - Buletin Utama on tv3, give me awareness on this issue. I dun really know, what is mean helping Gaza by muslim. Yes, we did some of action on this issue, but why 1Malaysia - inspiration by prime minister didn't give the soul of 1Malaysia to descending this issue? This is not a religion issue, this is violations of human right issue! Everyone should be blame the Jewish side! Yes, we should stop the Jewish!

Not even wearing shirt shown with : Boycott Israel! Boycott Israel product! - But in the same time give $10 dollar to transfer with the burger in Big Yellow Company outside there. This is nothing!

Sometime, i think this is the right time to express our attitude to hate Jewish. I wonder, when we are happy with expensive mobile phone - with internet at every place - but the kid's in Gaza was died by AK47 - Jewish Dead Bullet's. Not for Gaza only, we also have a kid's at Afghanistan, Karachi, Sudan, Bosnia, Lebanon and all countries that was brewing for a very - long time - To be SAVED.

We have to change this phrase : JEWISH hate MUSLIM

Selamat malam..

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Time : 0330
Day : Wednesday - early morning

Complete two nights i sleep late. I have to go out on 7am this morning - only 3 and half hour from now. What a bad night here?Arhh..

Let we start :

I dun know either this is i am or this is not i am. 'berLagak' is a two different thing - for me lah! When you like this one and the other also like that one - it's mean - ok lah untuk korang berdua. It's also mean, everything you do, everything you said, everything you want, everything for everything sekali pun - you still glad with the other.

But in an opponent action is, you like this one and the other said : no! you are wrong! you are not good! you are crazy! you are! you are! everything you are lah senang cakap kn?

Then, what you are waiting for? You are waiting for the first scene or the second one? Ask your self, restart your self properly, don't even talking without the fact. I have and should to said, berlagak is not for me. Like this phrase mean lah : Tak kenal - maka tak cinta kan?

This night, i have to give a credit for my good friend :

" Selamat hari Lahir - Pijoe - May God bless him "

Selamat pagi juga untuk kamu semua..

Berhenti disini..


Monday, August 2, 2010

charger Problem

Time : 0130
Day : Also Tuesday


Finally..I got the answer!

Phone was generated again. No! It's not same with an hour before! It's totally different! It's generated with the full volume of battery!!

How it become? Yes, not for everything but in sudden death time - We have to use some of brain potential to solve the problem!

Success on this night - morning are suitable :

Phone from zero battery become phone with full battery without using charger.

Charger - was rubbish - a little brain work - overcome charger Problem!

free Fall

Time : 0034
Day : Tuesday - early morning

I'm writing back. There have a lot of story to writing back. What mean's here?
Arhhhhh!!!I dun know either this is good or bad, but the truth is - I have to start again!

Yes..I'll start :

Sitting here with all the song from weakerthans, bad religion also - ahh..Canadians Rock is always awesome! With a long way - the truth is : I have a few months of not seeing Rock show concert give me a feeling like 'free Fall'. Haa,there is! Finally i said that what is the title mean's!!hahaha.

The important thing here is, i didn't have a good ability to provide or something like managing the good phrase to built a good title. From there, i'm always using the same thing - repeat - and repeat again the same thing! And, it was usually give a very worse title for me. Yes, i'm do it again! See?Then? What a Loser guys are you??hahaha.

No wonder cause, I am familiar with that title! Fall again..huh!

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Due to a few problem, i heading to Desa Temu Jodoh!

Stop give me a pressure!!

oFF-Line until april, 26th..

Lone ranger dan masalah


Kenangan lalu memang sukar untuk dilalui. Entah kenapa,bila hati sudah tenang - akan ada benda yg menghantui aku semula. Kenapa die tak faham? Die sudah tiada dalam hati ini - aku tidak perlukan die lagi! Aku mampu untuk hidup sendirian. Aku tidak mampu lagi untuk terus memberikan die harapan - kerana aku sendiri sudah tidak ada hati untuk itu!

Aku tenang begini, aku happy begini, aku bahagia begini, aku enjoy begini. Menghabis kan sisa-sisa persekolahan sambil melihat sekeliling dan belajar menerima hakikat akan kehidupan. Give her a full-stop! The past is past and what that i am looking is the thing in-front of me..may god bless her!

Masalah memang tak pernah lari dari kehidupan, semakin jauh kita lari semakin hampir dia mengejar. Minggu ini tercipta lagi satu sejarah, mulut yg sudah lama terkunci akhir-nya ku-buka. Berhenti menjadi seorang yg berhati lembut. Bukan bermakna kasar - tapi lebih kepada memberikan kesedaran. Kita tidak perlukan 'action' untuk melakukan itu semua, tetapi cukup sekadar berkata-kata. Dan ingat,kita mesti berdiri di-atas kaki kita sendiri untuk berjaya - bukan di-atas kaki orang lain untuk menumpang kejayaan!

Minggu yg meletihkan disudahi dengan agak cemerlang. Mungkin aku memilih percutian untuk merehat kan segala-nya. Berhenti bermimpi - keep it rock gurL!!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Nike ke Adidas?

Okey-okey,jangan tulis banyak-banyak..Jangan tulis banyak-banyak..Jangan tulis banyak-banyak,faham?

Kekeliruan dan kepalsuan memang tak dapat nak lari dari dunia ini.Kenapa dan mengapa ia terjadi?Haa..nah aku jawab!!

Just do it lah!Nothing is impossible!Ye..kenapa begitu?Entah la.Orang kate menikam belakang adalah satu perbuatan yang keji,begitu juga dengan mengata belakang.Dua benda yang saya kata kan disini jelas sekali begitu keji,namun yang demikian anda juga perlu fikir kan kenapa dan mengapa ia berlaku.Jelas sekali,tidak semua realiti yang ada di hadapan anda mampu anda tangani dengan jaya-nya.

Untuk itu,Suka untuk saya mengatakan yang tak perlu lah kita memotong jalan manusia lain hanya untuk kepentingan kita sendiri.Berdiri lah di atas kaki sendiri kerana kaki itulah juga yang akan menentukan kita kemana.Terlalu banyak jalan untuk kita berusaha,terlalu banyak!


Eh,sendiri baca sendiri faham lah!

Just do-it lah!!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

perjalanan semakin hampir di penghujung-nya!

Jam tepat ke pukul 5 pagi,aku masih mencari mood untuk tido.Entah kenapa,aku rasa dunia semakin gila!!

Terlalu banyak untuk di-fikirkan,selalu membuatkan aku dalam kerunsingan yang amat sangat.Lagu-lagu peneman hidup aku setiap malam yang tak pernah lupa untuk menemankan aku!Credit untuk hari ini ialah jawapan kepada satu persoalan - aku fikir yang betul ialah suatu persoalan..ya!Aku dapat satu jawapan untuk suatu persoalan!

It's fun untuk melihat kesibukan kerja-kerja kuliah semakin menghampiri masa-masa penamat-nya!Sibuk..masing-masing begitu sibuk untuk tarikh-tarikh akhir projek.Mungkin menakutkan,tetapi inilah yang akan di-ingati untuk sepanjang hayat..maybe!Dan semua inilah yang akan lebih mematangkan aku untuk keluar ke dunia korupsi yang menunggu di luar sana..

HATI - SEMANGAT - USAHA - KESERONOKAN..Semua akan digabungkan untuk membentuk satu tujuan dan cita-cita!Seperti-nya tidak dipercayai yang perjalanan ini akan sampai di penghujungnya,tetapi itulah kehidupan.Yang sentiasa memberikan kejutan dan kepuasan!



Wednesday, March 17, 2010

waktu - maghrib


sekarang mmg in mood - sangat malas..with a lot of work to do - tapi boley je nak rileks-rileks mcm org lain.tak pe la gak org lain dah progress banyak,ko 2 baru sikit je razi!orait-orait..nanti aku sambung balik keje-keje aku sume.

aah,alang-alang cerita psl malas ni.ingat mcm nk mula reading semula,then boleh la sambung balik review section #04.tapi tu la..susah nak ckp kalau org dah malas ni,ada je bende lain nak buat - punya nak mengelak tak nak membaca 2.hahaha.

hmmm..pelan-pelan kayuh la kan,nanti bile keadaan dah kembali stabil,akan ku cuba menghabiskan semua bahan-bahan bacaan tu.orait?? lagi 1 peel baru,asal baring je nak tido - asal baring je nak tido - hairan aku.kalau dulu,awal-awal semester je camtu,ni baru punya peel - dah hujung-hujung semester pun asik la nak tido je.aishhh..bahaya betol.macam mana la nak ubah ni.

aktiviti minggu ni plak - makan sini ke bungkus 90% macam tak jadi je - kerja tak gerak-gerak cari lagi - tapi dengar esok macam ada kerjaya punya function - better pegi la kot dari duduk diam kt umah je tak ada nak wat apa-apa kan.jadi nampak-nya tu je la aktiviti dan juga progress minggu ni..kot.

eh,kenapa tulis bahasa melayu banyak sangat ni?mana bahasa rojak??haa..pegi tanya dores!kenapa?sebab dores cakap ----> bajet da putih la sekarang? komen.benda-benda ni budak umah ni je yg faham..



Monday, March 15, 2010

waktu - malam


sudah beberapa hari tidak menulis.sibuk dengan kehidupan di hujung!!
tidak semua perkara boleh dibeli,itu yg membuatkan kehidupan kita lebih seronok.

orait,let me start to talking about working in group.yes,i am!finally..i am really happy cause i can work in group.unfortunetly, i have a problem with one of them - but i still can work together without him.who's that i'm talking?yes,you can ask budak-budak paladium ni directly!!

dont mind about that - proceed with my dateline this week.just before,i have receive three of DEATH dateline according to my study.FYP - 2weeks from now,IDP - on early April and also TIA - on weeks 12.thanks to business paper - cause i have already finish my presentation last week with geng-geng pemalas yg suka buat keje last minute!credit to pijoe and also,mumbrello!

then,i hope this week will give me and my friends time to more concentrate with our study - than all the duniawi futsal boleh!tp g menyanyi kite hold dulu la!hahaha.

jom terus kan in group meyie!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

review section # 03

3) The Weakerthans

The Weakerthans are an award-winning four-piece (and sometimes six-piece) Canadian indie rock band that blends punk rock with folk rock.


The band was formed in 1997 in Winnipeg, Manitoba by John K. Samson, after he left the punk band Propagandhi to start a publishing company. Samson joined forces with bassist John P. Sutton and drummer Jason Tait, and created The Weakerthans as a vehicle for a more melodic and introspective brand of songwriting than that of Propagandhi.

One origin story for the band's name, as quoted in the liner notes of Fallow, is a line from the 1992 film The Lover: "Go ahead, I'm weaker than you can possibly imagine." The band's name may also refer to a Ralph Chaplin quote from "Solidarity Forever": "What force on Earth can be weaker than the feeble strength of one?" The band alludes to this line in the song "Pamphleteer" from the album Left and Leaving.

The band's debut album, Fallow, was released in 1997 on G7 Welcoming Committee Records, and garnered positive reviews from Canadian music critics. Guitarist Stephen Carroll, formerly of Painted Thin, subsequently joined the band, and Left and Leaving was released in 2000.

In 2003, the band moved to Epitaph Records and released Reconstruction Site. The album was met with rave reviews from Canadian and international critics for its ambitious combination of punk, rock, folk, country and sonnets. It also became the band's best-selling record to date, as well as its airplay breakthrough on Canadian radio. It was the second Weakerthans album to be produced by Ian Blurton.

Sutton, who played on all three of the band's first albums, left in August 2004 and was replaced by Greg Smith. In 2005, Left and Leaving was named one of the ten best Canadian albums of all time in Chart magazine's reader poll. In the same poll, Samson wrote the capsule review for another top ten finisher, The Lowest of the Low's Shakespeare My Butt, which he cited as a major influence on his own music.

Reunion Tour was released on September 25, 2007 in North America by Epitaph and ANTI-. The band released a video for "Civil Twilight", which consisted of a single, unbroken camera shot of the band on a Winnipeg Transit city bus. Epitaph also re-released the Weakerthans' first two albums, Fallow and Left and Leaving, in Canada on November 6, 2007.

In February 2009, the band participated in Barenaked Ladies' annual Ships and Dip cruise. In a subsequent interview with Canwest News Service, Samson clarified that the band would be taking some downtime over the summer of 2009 before deciding when to start working on their next album. Shortly afterward, Samson announced a series of solo 7" releases about Manitoba roads, which he plans to release over the next 18 months. The first, City Route 85, will be released on October 30 through Epitaph and ANTI-.

In January 2010, the band announced that they will release a live album, Live at the Burton Cummings Theatre, on March 23. At the same time, they also announced that they were recording material with Jim Bryson for his forthcoming album.

Current members

  • John K. Samson (lead vocals, guitar)
  • Jason Tait (drums, percussion, vibraphone, keyboards)
  • Stephen Carroll (guitar, pedal and lap steel, keyboards)
  • Greg Smith (bass)

Former members

  • John P. Sutton (bass)