Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Teachers and Teaching

Time : 2330
Day : Wednesday / November,3rd

Teachers are educators. Yes,that is truth. No question about that. But, far from my heart - my feeling, it was based on true story.

Back to 7 or 8 years ago,they called me tiada masa depan punya orang. Who are you to judge the other people like that bos?are you God??

Not even that,you judge me as sudah sesat punya budak.How do you know the different between sudah sesat punya orang and belum sesat punya orang?i dun really know if your education book or your philosophy book was specifies all this thing into your account.

Come on.Dun even you read the BERITA HARIAN, or the other one that read METRO - you said yo know everything. You brought all this stories around the school. And then, your friends can said : owh, you was save your student from that black issue!

Please,open your mind - open your eyes - Look around you - you are the teachers bos!

Hey,i want you to know this one thing : everyone in this world have their own hobbies man. And if you want to know, i like music very much. Then,i collect all the music that i like,make it proper in my collection. Dun judge me if you dun know me.please.

I dun care if you dun like me, i dun care if u dun want me to be your good student - but please respect the other people. It's the natural, if you respect your friends, then your friends can give you more than that.right?

Sometime, it was funny when i memories all that think. With 2 to 3 teachers beside me said : siapa kawan-kawan u lagi?apa yang kamu buat?kamu sembahyang tak?
Owhhhhhh.i dun know how to describe it in very detailed story cause i dun know what was happen actually. A Litlle bid of stupid humor.

Thanks to your lesson that i have learned over there, but no thanks to your advice bos!

Please be teachers. Your teaching was in your heart.

selamat malam!