Wednesday, July 24, 2013

this is punk rock!

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hari   : khamis / julai 2013,25hb

Hello there!

English medium? bahasa? Haha. campur-campur lah! This is punk rock kn!

The rolling stone megazine plus a CD's from seasick pirates is the best mixture to write this punk rock post!

I believe most of the rockstar in this country do not have this seasick pirates original CD's.haha.i don't care.

I'm always thinking that am i a true punk rock? This is a question maybe. But, on other hand i think this is more to thinking value rather than a true ideology. why? I will write below, a few maybe - direct from my idea - through to this country perception.

Kenapa perlu punk rock? 

Very simple. Each of us was born with an attitude to be curious. Mustahil untuk hidup tanpa ada sifat ingin tahu. Tetapi malangnya, kita disekat untuk menjadi lebih ingin tahu. Mengapa? Kerana mereka risau. Risau kerana apa? Kerana takut anak bangsa melayu menjadi lebih intelligent dari mereka. Aku sendiri tidak pernah memilih untuk menjadi punk rock glamour di telivisyen, kerana itu tidak pasti. Dan itu semua hanyalah sementara. Aku memilih untuk intelligent. Kerana itu kekal. Dan kita sudah diberikan pilihan untuk memilih yang sementara ataupun yang kekal. Dengan nama yang pastinya berbangsa melayu dan beragama islam, yang kekal itu pastinya ingin dikejar dan dipraktikkan dalam kehidupan harian. Tetapi aku selalu dihalang.

Prevented by the stupid person who was believe rules & regulation must be observed a day by a day, by a month, by a year & ever. Then, where you placed your brain intelligent? 

Bagi sahaja contoh mudah di waktu ini. Mengapa perlu ada tentangan untuk TITAS dijadikan matapelajaran wajib di IPTS? kerana takut cina & india masuk islam? Heheh. This is stupid. Untuk menjadi seorang yang hormat kepada bangsa & agama lain, kita perlu faham asal usul budaya orang lain. Sudahlah bangsa sendiri pun tidak tahu mana asal usul, dibodohkan lagi dengan tidak mahu mengkaji bangsa lain. Bukan menidakkan Tun Sri Lanang, tetapi adakah salah untuk belajar tamadun asia & dunia? Mahupun karya stephan hawking? Jika anda katakan sains itu tidak penting, itu hanyalah ilustrasi dari seorang yang buta kepada idea.

I personally learned in the science stream from high school, directly through to the university, with very heavy mathematics & structural engineering, until I'm graduate & become an engineer. For what all of this? To learn. To generate my brain. Do not static with this country perception who always believe anything you want to do - you should follow the rules & regulations. Rules which mean you cannot voice up your brain intelligent to the maximum height. Rules which mean when you walk to your future career, corruption, money-bag cheating is everywhere. And at last i will stop this career due to the high-tension of this shit working environment..and not because of you cannot use your brain intelligent!

Here, i like to list a few of punk rock band that i think was an intelligent rock, and not the stupid mtv show glamour! I choose bad religion & propagandhi rather than greenday for overseas band. So, its mean billie joe is not my favourite musicians. Heheh. Greg Graffin and Chris Hannah, both from bad religion & propagandhi is the brain-intelligent punk that i choose. Eventhough propagandhi only release their science-stream song on their 6th album, i'm still choose them!

Far from my heart, i want all of you outside there really understand what i mean, punk rock music not about to teach you how to become a muslim, but a little teach me how to generate my brain. Not to be brilliant, but ideally give me some space to thinking what is the life mean. Not all the reality in-front of you become dreaming. At last, how much you read, how much you try to learn, you always believe there is only ONE that give you everything. That's the fact that i believe 100% from us still not realise.

Life is everything about experience.

Selamat malam!


  1. yeah, it seem that we can choose what we want... so dont just sit down and pretend to be cool... take action and make a move! this is punk rock rules!

    p/s : anyway punk dont have any rules ha3

    1. yes..suddenly i think that the real "art & talent" is not about your ambition when you was 10years old at primary school.but the real "art &talent" is about childhood dream!

      I'm not want to be an engineer, you don't want to be a doctor - lawyer - scientist - or maybe a good police & RELA. I do like an engineer maybe because i need some money to continue my life & for my future survival.

      because what i want during childhood is a good country that clean from dirty symptoms!Haha.