Monday, March 15, 2010

waktu - malam


sudah beberapa hari tidak menulis.sibuk dengan kehidupan di hujung!!
tidak semua perkara boleh dibeli,itu yg membuatkan kehidupan kita lebih seronok.

orait,let me start to talking about working in group.yes,i am!finally..i am really happy cause i can work in group.unfortunetly, i have a problem with one of them - but i still can work together without him.who's that i'm talking?yes,you can ask budak-budak paladium ni directly!!

dont mind about that - proceed with my dateline this week.just before,i have receive three of DEATH dateline according to my study.FYP - 2weeks from now,IDP - on early April and also TIA - on weeks 12.thanks to business paper - cause i have already finish my presentation last week with geng-geng pemalas yg suka buat keje last minute!credit to pijoe and also,mumbrello!

then,i hope this week will give me and my friends time to more concentrate with our study - than all the duniawi futsal boleh!tp g menyanyi kite hold dulu la!hahaha.

jom terus kan in group meyie!!

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