Monday, August 2, 2010

free Fall

Time : 0034
Day : Tuesday - early morning

I'm writing back. There have a lot of story to writing back. What mean's here?
Arhhhhh!!!I dun know either this is good or bad, but the truth is - I have to start again!

Yes..I'll start :

Sitting here with all the song from weakerthans, bad religion also - ahh..Canadians Rock is always awesome! With a long way - the truth is : I have a few months of not seeing Rock show concert give me a feeling like 'free Fall'. Haa,there is! Finally i said that what is the title mean's!!hahaha.

The important thing here is, i didn't have a good ability to provide or something like managing the good phrase to built a good title. From there, i'm always using the same thing - repeat - and repeat again the same thing! And, it was usually give a very worse title for me. Yes, i'm do it again! See?Then? What a Loser guys are you??hahaha.

No wonder cause, I am familiar with that title! Fall again..huh!


  1. ha3, so any suggestion of some good band? i am always downloading (using my company net line, ha3 we have to use this opportunities wisely right) some good song (mean:make my 2 bunch ears going well)

  2. i suggest u to download aku anak kampung from jimmy palikat.sangat syok kalau karoke tu.hahaha.