Wednesday, August 25, 2010

a Time

Time : 2250
Day : Wednesday night

I was eight or nine years old when i first introduced by construction work. Either this is coincidence or not - i dun really understand it.

Sometimes, i think - It should be fun when i move back to remember all the thing that give me 'a Time'. Let me take this point as an example :

Go back to 16 years ago :

Every day, after balik sekolah agama (it's usually around 6 o'clock) - i become an excited mood cause i have to follow my friend to the heaven. Heaven here means, a place that give me and also my friend a lot of fun. In general, this is place that have everything to be played. We have a block of concrete, machineries, small wood house and also Mat-Mat indon. In specific, this place is construction area which is the construction for a new sekolah agama rakyat!

What i am thinking at that time is, how that Mat-Mat indon was so skilled to construct a very difficult building in-front of me! And also, how they was learn to driving very big machines in-front of me! Owh..That give me a very impressed feeling that i can remember until a few years ago.

Not even that, usually before i left that heaven, they also give me a keropok or nasi goreng - and i will share with my friend - while chatting with them. owh god! It's such a feeling that you can't imagine what is that according to your age at that time!

And now, i was understand what is that.

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