Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Learning Process

Time : 2340
Day : Tuesday night

Light rain was still pouring out there. Kuala Lumpur hit by the rainy season in the evening and late evening almost every day.

Me? Yes! Still sitting in front of the keyboard - doing writing and updating my blog.hahaha..

Writing and reading is always give me a spirit. This two thing is not absolutely my hobby, but i Like to doing this two thing. I dun know why, but the answer is : i get the satisfaction after finish the writing or also when i'm finish reading anything that i like to read. This is truth!

Back to the topic. Learning process is how the time can give you an experience, for me - this is what i want to said. Yes, we must go through all this to move forward. Don't give it difficult, just follow the flow of the Life - then you will find - it was funs - it was a Life!

Sometimes i think that : what is this man? bullshit! But in a different side, i have to re-think again what is this and what is that. If i even have a million dollar of money now, then i dun know how to use it - it's still a rubbish problem. Then, what i should do know is : just follow the flow of the Life. Everything is ok, everything is orait, everything is fine - for now.

This writing will stop up-here tonight.

jumpa Lagi!


  1. haha.. rupenye still menulis lg.. thumbs up!!

  2. yelah bos.suka.minat.kalau ada masa.hahah.