Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Time : 0330
Day : Wednesday - early morning

Complete two nights i sleep late. I have to go out on 7am this morning - only 3 and half hour from now. What a bad night here?Arhh..

Let we start :

I dun know either this is i am or this is not i am. 'berLagak' is a two different thing - for me lah! When you like this one and the other also like that one - it's mean - ok lah untuk korang berdua. It's also mean, everything you do, everything you said, everything you want, everything for everything sekali pun - you still glad with the other.

But in an opponent action is, you like this one and the other said : no! you are wrong! you are not good! you are crazy! you are! you are! everything you are lah senang cakap kn?

Then, what you are waiting for? You are waiting for the first scene or the second one? Ask your self, restart your self properly, don't even talking without the fact. I have and should to said, berlagak is not for me. Like this phrase mean lah : Tak kenal - maka tak cinta kan?

This night, i have to give a credit for my good friend :

" Selamat hari Lahir - Pijoe - May God bless him "

Selamat pagi juga untuk kamu semua..

Berhenti disini..


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