Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Sitting with newspaper on hand - Buletin Utama on tv3, give me awareness on this issue. I dun really know, what is mean helping Gaza by muslim. Yes, we did some of action on this issue, but why 1Malaysia - inspiration by prime minister didn't give the soul of 1Malaysia to descending this issue? This is not a religion issue, this is violations of human right issue! Everyone should be blame the Jewish side! Yes, we should stop the Jewish!

Not even wearing shirt shown with : Boycott Israel! Boycott Israel product! - But in the same time give $10 dollar to transfer with the burger in Big Yellow Company outside there. This is nothing!

Sometime, i think this is the right time to express our attitude to hate Jewish. I wonder, when we are happy with expensive mobile phone - with internet at every place - but the kid's in Gaza was died by AK47 - Jewish Dead Bullet's. Not for Gaza only, we also have a kid's at Afghanistan, Karachi, Sudan, Bosnia, Lebanon and all countries that was brewing for a very - long time - To be SAVED.

We have to change this phrase : JEWISH hate MUSLIM

Selamat malam..

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